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Teacup Chain

Usually called with head ladies "active" (that is, they go to the center first), but can be called with side, all, or NO ladies
to the center. The ladies will progress to their corner, opposite, and left-hand man, in that order and, starting with the right
and will alternate right and left arm turns. The men must  (politely!) accept whichever arm is offered.   Men: if the lady
approaches from the center, send her to your right; if she comes from your left, send her to the center.


Head ladies active, from a Squared Set:

* Head (active) ladies go to the center and star by the right 3/4 and
   proceed to their corner (a side gent) with a left arm turn. They then
   go directly to their original opposite for a right arm turn, then into
   the center for a left hand star 1 1/4 to their original left hand man
   for a right arm turn before going home for a courtesy turn.

* AT THE SAME TIME the side (inactive) ladies start by going
   directly to their corners for a right arm turn, then to the center
   and star left 1 1/4 which takes them to their original opposite.
   There they do a right arm turn and go directly to their original left
   hand man (at the head) for a left arm turn to send them to the center
   for a right hand star 3/4 and home for a courtesy turn.

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